Происхождение моего имени. Эссе Мадьяра Шарипова


Sharipov Madiyar
Nazarbayev Intellectual School
8th grade

Discover Kazakhstan Essay Competition
3 Place Winner

                                                 The origin of my name

Not everyone can boast that his name unites the people of Europe and Asia. I am a happy owner of such an unusual name. My name is Madiyar. This is a very rare name, however nowadays it appears more frequently in Kazakh families.  Madiyar is derived from Arabian word Makhdi which means “rewarded”, “fair”, “ruled by the Allah”.The word “yard”in Turkic means “a friend”. Not many peopleknow,that Madiyar is the name of an ancient Kazakh tribe. When I was born, my father phoned his friend in Moscow to announce the happy news. When his friendheard my name, he exclaimed in surprise: “Why?  The Magyars are the militant people.Moreover, they live in Hungary. What do they and Kazakh people have in common?” When I grew older, I got interested in the origin of my name. I have found out very interesting facts which I would like to share with you. ----

In fact, the original Hungarian name sounds like “Magyar”, and its Motherland is Hungary. It is difficult to imagine the Hungarians were nomads. They had a nomadic way of life till the eleventh century.A long time ago this union of tribes was a real threat for many territories: Southern Germany, Northern Italy and the Western Hungary. Constant attacks of those fearless warriors upon  settledneighbors were carried out with lightning speed. They could travel on horseback very long distances. The Magyars main weaponswere a steppe bow, spears, helmets,chain amours and sables.

The Hungarianshave always known that they have Muslim roots. In the past they hadmuch in common with the Turks: they lived in yurts;they were nomadicwarriors on horseback. They were rash, strong and steady. Even their weapon was similar to Turkish weapon.

I have read a research made by the Hungarian historian MihajBenke.Having analyzed folklore and linguistic data of the Kazakh people, he says with certainly that the Hungarians and the Kazakh have common roots. He calls these two nations “ brothers”. The scientist thinks that the name “Hungaria” came from the tribes of khuns or gunns.

I like an ancient Hungarian legend about two brothers Madiyar and Khodiyar who took different paths during a long hunting for a deer. Each of them decided to takehis own way. Madiyar decided to go further.So, he went on and on to the west, haunting a deer.His brother Khodiyargot tired and went back home. My father said that there is a similar legent, that circulates among the Torgaj Kazakhs. It repeats the Hungarian language word by word.The Torgaj Kazakhs think, that they have come  from a  Madiyar tribe.

Scientists suppose, that in the ninth century the Madiyar people divided into two groups, one of which went to the West, and another remained on the historical native land not far from Urals Mountains. But during the days of mongolo-tatar invasion this part of tribes entered the tribes of Argyns and Kipchaks on the territory of modern Kazakhstan and settled there.
Ancestors of the Kazakhs and the Hungarians lived a nomadic life in the ninth-tenth centuries on steppes of Eurasia from Тorgaj to the Danube. My grandmother comes from Torgajsky region where Madiyar descendants live.  In my childhood   she sang to me a lullaby with a smile:“Went the Madiyars on the coast of Danube …” I still remember her gentle voice singing this old song which brings me back to my childhood.

Now the Hungarians lead a settled way of life, they have adopted a part of Slavic customs and traditions. In the Hungarian language there are about six hundred words which completely coincide with Kazakh words, and about six thousand words which have common roots with the Kazakh language. That is why I think that the Kazakh and the Hungarian languages are very similar and I can easily make out some words and even sentences from the Hungarian language.

History researches of the Madijyars’ lifestyle and traditions have united the Kazakh people from Euroasian continent and the people from Hungary. Probably, we also have other brotherly peoples. I would like to hope that somewhere far away from here there is another boy whose name is Madiyar.



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