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The course of professional development at the university of Pennsylvania UPENN, Philadelphia, USA

On the 18th to 31st of May 2013 library specialists of the branches of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" attended the training on the theme “Librarians in Library Management in the 21st Century, Evolving role of libraries in schools, Planning and Design considerations for the school library space and 21st Century Library Collections”.

The aim of the course was to increase professional level of specialists in the field of innovations, organization of work and space in the library, developing skills and knowledge of research work, critical thinking, design and application of new technologies, leadership and approaches to work in school libraries.

During the course librarians received knowledge and experience about how to develop skills of students’ research work by steps, motivate students to read, to work with the space and design of the school library, as well as received internet links to search useful information and to work with students. The role of librarians needs to be given more importance as the library should be the heart of the school, where students develop their knowledge and research skills.

Today America is practicing all kinds of library work organization in order to make it more attractive, convenient and favorable to the readers and visitors. The school library is so called "the third space," a place of solitude, social, but a neutral secure, integral to social life (independent space).

In order to see all in practice our team visited the Central School of Philadelphia, middle and high school of Strath Haven. Moreover participants visited Morgan research Library & Museum in New York to know more about American history. The museum is popular first of all for its manuscripts, papyruses, old publications, illustrated rare books, original scores and graphical works.

At the end of the course participants were awarded with certificates. Now Nazarbayev Intellectual school library specialists are ready to implement new knowledge into practice with new energy and optimism.

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Published: 15 June