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"The Practice and Theoretical Basis for TRIZ-Pedagogy"

On the premises of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Astana, from April 24th-28th, 2017, the training course entitled "The Practice and Theoretical Basis for TRIZ-Pedagogy" was held for teachers from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School network.

The course trainer was Anatoly Gin, founder and scientific supervisor of the international laboratory known as "Education for a New Era.” Gin is also known as the Vice-President of the International TRIZ Association on Education, the developer of the system of methods and pedagogical techniques and methods for the development of creative thinking based on TRIZ as well as other methods for discovering new ideas.

TRIZ-pedagogy, as an area of scientific and pedagogical study, was formed in the late 80’s. In it based on the ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving’ (TRIZ) according to G. S. Altshuller.

TRIZ-pedagogy aims to foster a strong mindset and creative personalities in students, as it prepares them to solve complex problems in various fields of activity. It differs from the known means of problem-based learning in that it draws upon international experience in the field of creating methods for inventive problem solving. This experience was then processed and implanted into the goals of the pedagogy.

The participants of the course became acquainted with the knowledge and experience needed to work within the framework of TRIZ-pedagogy, focusing on the development of creative thinking skills for solving real-life, open tasks. The universal nature of the techniques and methods can be widely applied to various fields, including: physics, biology, ecology, art, technology and business.

Furthermore, the course was conducted in an interactive format, which aroused great interest and commitment from the teachers. The course participants thanked the trainers upon completion of the course, and now feel ready to apply the knowledge gained to their professional practice.

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Published: 18 May