Seminars and courses

Professional development courses in Olympiad robotics

    In order to systemically and effectively prepare Nazarbayev Intellectual School team for the World Robotics Olympiad and to encourage participation of robotics in specialized competitions professional development training on Robotics Olympiad was held at the Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Petropavlovsk.

    The five-day refresher course was organized on the basis of the rules of World Robot Olympiad-2017 (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), which had been taught to Nazarbayev Intellectual schools teachers of all regions.
    The program of the course was focused on a detailed study and analysis of the Rules in the context of senior, middle and junior categories. In the process of the work, the audience worked individually and in teams, performing practical tasks on designing and programming robots. At the end of each day, trainees developed an autonomous robot that performed tasks of a specific category.
    Also, the program of the course included the analysis of the creative categories and the category of "robots football", in which participants got acquainted with the new changes to the Rules and brainstormed the best ways to implement the creative categories at the WRO Olympiads.
    The significant benefit of these Courses was that the training was conducted in the format of "peer to peer" with reciprocal learning between robotics teachers.
    On completion of the Course, participants were tested and they completed practical tasks in order to consolidate the newfound knowledge.

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Published: 27 March