Research projects

The results of the registration of national competitions on scientific projects of school learners

Following the results  of registration for participation in the Republican contest of students’ scientific projects in general subjects 2015-2016 553 projects were registered from Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. Number of registered members 673 student. According to the Rules, the republican research projects contest were carried out in 4 directions: 

            Ist direction is "Scientific - technological progress as a key element of economic growth." Sections: physics, engineering, earth and space science - 90 projects;

            IInd direction is "Mathematical modeling of economic and social processes." Sections: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics - 129;

            IIIrd direction is "Healthy natural environment - the basis of “Kazakhstan – 2030” strategy". Sections: Chemistry, Biology, Environment and Health - 162;

            IVth direction is "Historic Monuments of Kazakhstan and future tourist routes." Sections: History, Local history, Ethnic and cultural studies, Linguistics, Law, Literature / Literature - 172.

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Published: 02 October