The achievements of NIS Karaganda students in chemistry tournament in Moscow.

From February 3to 6,2016 the team of NIS Karaganda students composed of Grade 10 students Muratbek Nabi (captain), Aldan Gulzhan, Demyanec Dmitry, Medetova Alima, and Grade 9 students Yaroslavtseva Yekaterina and Muratkyzy Aruna took part in the 2nd International Chemistry tournament held in Moscow.

Students of 35 teams from 22 regions of Russia and four other countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Serbia participated in this competition.

The competition consisted of two stages. In the first stage participants were supposed to solve one out of 16 problems that were published on the official tournament website. NIS Karaganda team has sent solution to the task 2 “Solar batteries” and obtained the required number of points, and were invited to take part in the second stage.

Tournament was held by the Chemistry department of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. According to the rules participants performed in four different sections based on the results of the previous toss-up. The contestants of NIS Karaganda team competed with strong participants from Serbia, Novosibirsk and Moscow.

As a result NIS Karaganda students were awarded with the 3rd degree diploma. Although the competitions were team-based, each of the participants contributed greatly to the successful performance of whole team under the guidance of Chemistry teacher Nikolskaya N.I. It has been the first experience for students in international competition. Students had opportunity to deepen their knowledge in Chemistry, apply public speaking, critical and creative thinking skills.

We wish our students and their teacher further success on International arena!

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Published: 10 February