Results of the International Zhautykov Olympiad

The 12th International Zhautykov Olympiad in mathematics, physics and informatics was held in the14th-19th of January 2016 in Almaty. The team from NIS was represented by 7 members from 4 Intellectual schools: Kuchukova Aiya (Astana), Kazhimurat Aknazar, Tursynbek Gaziz (Almaty), Ibrayev Tengiz (Semey), Pak Artur, Pak Georgii, Kozlov Andrei (Taldykorgan).

There were 63 teams (413 participants) from 17 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Mongolia.

The Olympiad was conducted in two stages. According to the results of the second tour, 40 % of the participants were awarded by diplomas. Also, the teams from specialized schools had a ranking.

As a result, Pak Georgii (Taldykorgan) took a silver medal in mathematics, Kazhimurat Aknazar (Almaty) took a silver  medal in physics, Ibrayev Tengiz (Semey) took a bronze medal in physics.


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Published: 10 February