Students achievements

Young chess players did their best in the chess competition

The regional chess tournament was held in Kyzylorda Regional Children and Youth School of Olympic reserve №1. The game which was provided on the Swiss system, gathered more than 24 players from the city and districts of the region. The main purpose of the event were the formation of students' healthy lifestyle, increasing social activity and commitment to systematic studies of chess.

Four students from Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kyzylorda took part on chess battle. The 8th grade student Nurjan Asanov took 2nd place of honor, losing only one point from champion of Kazakhstan Meirzhan Barmagambetov. But 7th grade student Rakhat Aliyev scored a successful combination of moves, taking fourth place in the standings.

 We should admit that in this competition, at the same time there was a selection in the Regional Team, which very soon will be taken part in the Championship of Kazakhstan. All players received a great experience, which can be useful in games.

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Published: 05 April