Students achievements

Parking of the future

The number of the population in the country grows each year, which leads to an increase in the number of vehicles. Therefore there appears a deficiency of parking spaces. 14-year-old Vladimir Koryak suggests installing robotic parking in each residential complex which would not only help to solve parking problems but also reduce the area of the occupied space.

"The idea of the project is that the driver pulls into a travelling platform of a station, switches the motor engine off and gets out of the car, after which the robot-parking attendant moves and delivers the car to the right compartment of the station" - tells the young inventor. 

The main advantage of the project is that the car parking is fully automated and almost does not require human resources. Vladimir has constructed a model miracle-station, based on Lego Mindstormsev3 and intends to present it at the international exhibition of robotics."We want to reconsider the design and add a few more features. We also plan to patent the project and come up with a proposal to city planners, "- says the project manager Serik Akhmetov.

There are no such parking stations in Kazakhstan, while analogs are available in Russia and Japan. During the sessions of the robotics club, students have constructed dozens of different projects. There is also a robot that can walk by itself, and a car which can move independently on the stairs.

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Published: 05 April