Students achievements

The Republican victory in the Olympics

From March 13-18, 2015 in the city Uralsk RNPC "Daryn" held the fourth stage of the Republican Olympiad in general subjects of mathematic and natural Sciences, which pupils of our school in mathematics attended: Pak Arthur, 8th grade pupil; Kim Dmitry, the 11th grade student; Pak George, the student of grade 11 ; Jumazhanov Dastan, the 11th grade student. In physics:Dikun Dmitri, the pupil of 9th grade;

Rudich Igor, the 11th grade student; in Informatics :Andrei Kozlov, the pupil of 9th grade ;in  biology: Kalacheva Nadezhda, the pupil of 9th grade; Adylhan Arai, the pupil of 9th grade too and in chemistry: Morgunov Anton, the pupil of 9 th grade; Shakhman Dinmukhamed,the student of 12 th grade.
Оur team has performed well in  the intellectual duel. By results of the Olympiad in informatics Andrei Kozlov won  the 1st place, gold; in mathematics Pak Arthur and Pak George won an honorable  the 3rd place, bronze; Jumazhanov  Dastan - the 3rd place, bronze ;in chemistry Morgunov Anton and biology Adilhan Arai took  the 4th place and were awarded from Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for high achievements in a subject. 

We wish new victories in the conquest of Olympus.

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Published: 30 March