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The winners of II Republican Olympiad on Robotics

The students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics of the city Taldykorgan Sartbaev Ratmir, Talgat Bek, Anatolyi Alekseyev took II place in the Republican Olympiad WRO- 2015 under the guidance of their robotics teacher Avdyunin Nicholay! Robotics Olympiad, which brought together more than 150 students from all over Kazakhstan, was held in Astana. According to the deputy chairman of the AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Ispussinova Svetlana Bagitovna the olympiad was organized with the assistance of IUIT (International University of Information Technologies).

The competition was held in eight categories; our children participated in the open category (creative projects), having presented to the jury a "Robotic platform for oil exploration" to search for oil.

According to the students, the project is designed to search for oil deposits in potentially hazardous areas, for example, in the desert or in Antarctica. In standalone mode, the robot is able to explore some territory and to determine all the oil fields in the area. The robot is equipped with environmentally friendly system of seismic exploration. It drills wells; it also hones oil samples for further study of its structure and quality through its special pumps.

"The Olympiad was very interesting: we had the opportunity to compete with the strongest teams in the country. All the presentations were conducted exclusively in English, thanks to our teacher Nikolai Vladimirovich, we were ready for everything. We are very happy with the result,"- shared their impressions our winners.
According to the results of the competition eight teams - winners were revealed: one - in each category. Having taken the 2nd place, young designers, students of 9C and 10C grades Sartbaev Ratmir and Talgat Bek were awarded educational grants for the study at the International University of Information Technologies. Now they have to defend the honor of the country in the International Olympiad WRO - 2015 which will be held in Qatar in November. 

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Published: 30 March