Students achievements

"Balausa belesi"

"Balaus bales" - so very simple, but at the same time shrill aptly named his first book a young poet, social activist projects, the first President of the club "Wikipedia", the graduate of 2015 of Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Taldykorgan – Kudaibergen Dauletkerey, the presentation of which was held in the school library. 100 of the best works devoted to the Motherland, school years, teachers, friends included In the collection of poems.

 At the age of 8 Dauletkerei wrote his first work, which devoted to his "Teacher". As noted his teachers, the publication of the book became a logical continuation of his creative activity.

"Man is incapable of creating something really beautiful without inspiration. This creative thirst and fire creative mood", – said the talented boy. 
Presentation of the book "Balausa belesi", released with the support of the school administration, was held in a free, creative environment. To support Dauletkerei came his friends, teachers, classmates, and his mother Akzholtay Raiymbekkyzy. 
"Every parent is proud of his child. For each success and endeavors. I want to say thank you to the school administration for that supporting young talents and their creativity,"  these words were said by the poet`s mother. 

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Published: 30 March