School of Physics and Mathematics in Shymkent

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Shymkent

 Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Shymkent opened on February 16, 2013. The new school is in one of the largest regions of Kazakhstan and became the ninth in the family of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools. This family of schools aims to provide a qualitative growth of education through innovation in the learning process, and professional training of teachers. There are all conditions to do this.

The school building was designed by an individual plan consisting of three floors, fourteen blocks with a capacity of 720 people. The school operates for a full day, with meals being provided three times a day in the dining room, which seats 360 at a time. (The full day school provides three time meals in the dining room for 360 seats). 

The school is divided into several areas containing dormitory, educational, laboratory and linguistic units. In the dormitory wing, there is a boarding school with 120 places where the children from remote areas of the region live. The Educational unit includes 58 classrooms, including 18 language classrooms, five classrooms for physics and chemistry, nine mathematics classrooms, four classrooms for biology,  as well as classrooms for geography, history, ecology and others. Almost all of them are equipped with interactive whiteboard and laptops. In addition, the school is provided with classrooms for individual lessons, technical modeling, the art technology, psychological relief, pedagogical integration and information technology, several general classrooms and lecture halls. 

Advanced physics, chemistry, biology, nanotechnology, robotics laboratories enable young researchers to work on the most advanced equipment from Kazakhstan, Russia, Britain, Germany and the U.S.A., in collaboration with international brands such as PASCO, PHYWE and others. In addition, representatives of the companies teach school teachers the skills needed to use this new equipment effectively. 

(The school became for its students not only scientific and educational, but also cultural and recreational, sports center). 

The school is not only for the scientific and educational development of the students, but is also a cultural, recreational and sports centre. A spacious multipurpose auditorium with 378 seats is used to hold various cultural events. Its peculiarity is that the viewing area can be transformed into a professional dance hall. In addition, for developing communication skills, creative writing skills and public speaking the school has its own television studio TV NIS. Here students do project work, release school programs and learn the skills of editing. Shymkent students also joined a large-scale project on studying the country's history. 

The library fund of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools includes the school library in Shymkent. This contains a selection of the best educational tools and classical literature as well as an extensive database of national publications (are selected here). Most books will soon be digitized and each student with an electronic subscription can read "Abai's Way" and "Anna Karenina" with any mobile device. The mission of the school library is to become not only a repository of book editions, but also an information center where children can learn the skills of searching, selecting and analyzing data. 

A small and large sports hall, gym, climbing wall, soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts and a jogging track are provided to conduct physical training and facilities for sports clubs. Various competitions, contests and city championship are hosted here. At the same time children also go to choreography, music, gymnastics, chess, checkers, tennis and technical creativity clubs. Elective courses are also offered to prepare for IELTS.

The main theme of the interior decoration of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is "My Motherland - Kazakhstan." It consists of a series of paintings "My Motherland - Kazakhstan", a portrait gallery of prominent figures of culture and education in Kazakhstan, and decorative tapestry panels. 

In Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Shymkent, leading pedagogical staff of the region were selected on a competitive basis. Currently 644 students study here and more than 100 subject teachers who continuously develop their professional skills through training in the school, in the country and abroad. 

The school has also 15 international teachers, specialists and experts in the field of education. The involvement of international teachers is organized to introduce an international experience of teaching specialized disciplines, integrating local and international educational programs, taking into account and building on the best experiences of the world pedagogical practices. 

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics seeks to attach student to the achievements of humanity. It translates the best international practices to students and prepares them for independent creative activity in the future. The school staff clearly understands that the quality of education in society influences the pace of its economic and political development, as well as its moral development. 

School Address: Shymkent, Akzhaiyk, Elite town, building 6. 

Phone: 8 (7252) 29 44 88 



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Published: 21 February