School of Chemistry and Biology in Aktau

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology of Aktau

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological direction until in Aktau joined the ranks of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools August 27, 2015. The school for 720 seats and is located in the 33 district of the city.

Intellectual School will contribute to the development of intellectual potential of the students, providing them with the knowledge and develop the skills that will form the basis of formation of highly educated, polylingual, competitive, physically and spiritually developed citizen, striving for self-development and self-realization.

The innovative school Mangystau region employs more than 80 teachers, has elapsed hard competitive selection. 10 English-speaking teachers also came from Australia, South Africa, Hungary is ready to share his knowledge.

Currently, 477 students were awarded 7,8,9,11-class educational grants of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Orken." The average competition for one vacancy was 5-6 children.

The building houses 54 classrooms 24 laboratories equipped with the latest school equipment. The school has classrooms of chemistry-biology, physics and mathematics, integration, technical modeling, laboratory nano and biotechnology, robotics and information facilities. Despite the fact that the majors in school chemistry and biology, great attention will be paid to the study of mathematics, physics and the humanities.

Besides working in the school building a greenhouse, in which more than 150 species of plants. There will be presentations and lectures on the subject "Biology". The greenhouse with an area of ​​300 square meters in the future serve as a meeting room and a relaxation area for children.

School television studio, is designed to develop creative and scientific abilities of students. The school is equipped with the latest computer systems, multimedia rooms, equipped with modern computers, interactive electronic boards, high-speed internet, innovative software, which will not only help students to acquire knowledge, but will also allow teachers to effectively manage the learning process.

Intellectual school library, consisting of three rooms. H Currently deteydostupny for 6-7 thousand books. In the future it is planned to increase library fund up to 20 thousand copies. In addition to school books in Kazakh and Russian language has a large fund of books in English, French, German and Chinese. Also in the library are encyclopedias and reference books, additional benefits publishers Cambridge, Oxford, collections of tests.

The school provided a sports unit with two gyms. In the school premises there is a modern sports complex, which includes a soccer field, basketball, volleyball, tennis, various sports athletic fields, recreation area children. All venues have a special coating for the safety of students in sporting activities. There is a dining room for 360 seats.

For those who have a house located in running away from the city orphanage with 120 seats. Sleeping unit consists of rooms designed for 4 students, with a bathroom and shower. The hostel has a room attendant teacher training library for self-study, a room for meetings with parents. In the same block is a laundry room, doctor's office and medical isolator.

 School Address: Aktau. 33 districts.



Phone/ fax:  8 7292 70 10 66

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Published: 25 September