School of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay was solemnly opened on December 12, 2014. It is the seventeenth Intellectual school opened on the initiative of the Head of the State.

Intellectual schools contribute to the development of potential through development and implementation of an innovative polylingual, educational model.  The model combines the classical traditions of mathematical science education with the contemporary achievements of Kazakhstan culture and global best practice. Intellectual schools implement Integrated Educational program of Natural and mathematical sciences developed jointly with the strategic partner Cambridge University.

Although there is a strong focus on the specialist subjects of physics and mathematics, much attention is paid to the humanitarian disciplines and languages. All students have the opportunity to study subjects in three languages. Through this trilingual language environment students are building their capacity to be flexible, to think critically and creatively, to innovate, to co-operate cross-culturally, to build greater respect for self and others, and to learn yet more languages.  

Teaching and educational process is conducted by qualified and experienced Kazakhstan teachers along with international teachers from the UK, USA, Republic of South Africa and Australia. The faculty are supported by educational psychologists, teachers-organizers-curators, and teacher assistants.

The school day commences at 8.00 am with activities concluding by 5.20 pm Monday to Saturday. During the day students have an opportunity to study in laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology as well as Nano and Biotechnologies. Students also access dedicated learning spaces for robotics, technical modeling, technology, visual art and other subjects. The school also operates the "TV NIS" television station and a printing facility. 

The school offers a range of organized clubs that students attend after regular classes. The range of clubs accommodates the diversity in children’s age and interests. Practical clubs include music and sport, fine arts, history, technology and poetry reading. Performance studios include: "Vocal studio", "Drama in English", "Television studio"; "Journalism", "Awakening"; togyzkumalak, chess; and various elective courses. The program also offers sport teams for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and table tennis.  

School life focuses on development of community spirit, service and mutual aid through activities such as "Shanyrak", “TEDx NIS club” projects, “Wikipedia club",  "Tugan Elge Tagzym", "100 books that must be read by a student of the Intellectual Schools", "100 patriotic songs of Kazakhstan", "2 weeks in aul", "Care", "Green School" and different competitions or exhibitions.

120 children from areas outside Kostanay City have an opportunity to live in the  large, comfortable dormitory.

The information block consists of the library with a reading room. There is a sports block with gym, a dining room, a medical aid station, an auditorium among the many facilities provided on campus.  

Address: Kostanay city, N. Nazarbayev avenue, 239

Phone number: 8 (7142) 39-06-77

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Published: 18 March