Nauryz meetings

Nauryz meetings

Nauryz meetings are an annual traditional event held by the autonomous educational organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" and are held in order to develop students' research skills, involvement in science, application of knowledge and skills to solve cognitive and practical problems, acquisition of communicative skills, working in groups.

Nauryz meetings have been held since 2011 and have become a platform uniting schoolchildren with an interest in science and young inventors from all over the country.

On March 16-18, 2022, in order to increase motivation and involvement of students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and secondary schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan in science, robotics and engineering, Nauryz meetings on the topic "Artificial Intelligence and mechatronics" are held.

Annually within the framework of Nauryz meetings are held:

- popular scientific lectures by Kazakhstani and foreign scientists, where students receive theoretical knowledge in the field of a particular science;

- master classes where students develop their practical skills;

- competition of scientific design works prepared by students in accordance with the theme of the event;


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Published: 10 March