Online educational resources

Online educational resources


In addition to the library's extensive book collection, students, parents and teachers have access to the open online educational resources, such as: - an extensive online platform offering the opportunity to read and listen to the best works of Kazakh and world literature. - providing access to 3,899 e-books, 3301 personal pages of authors are open. There are also about 300 short contents of books, more than 800 audio and video recordings on a literary topic. The portal contains news related to world literature, interviews with writers and poets, as well as their works. - reference information and educational portal "History of Kazakhstan" is a unique combination of new technologies and exclusive information in the field of history. The main advantage is the multilingualism of the portal, information can be obtained in Kazakh, Russian and English. - practical exercises, instructional videos and a personalized control panel. The portal offers courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, programming, world history, as well as art history, economics and many other subjects. - reliable, lively and up-to-date school curricula, as well as reliable information on subjects ranging from language and science, history, art and much more. is a set of virtual laboratories, training activities based on textbooks and conceptual tests on the subject of "Chemistry". Students can view and learn chemistry concepts using virtual labs, simulators, and tutorials. Teachers can use the content of the portal for preliminary laboratory work, as an alternative to homework on textbooks, as well as for classroom activities for individuals or teams. ChemCollective is organized by a group of Carnegie Mellon University faculty and staff who are interested in using, evaluating and creating exciting online activities for teaching chemistry. is a popular scientific website dedicated to the molecular foundations of modern Biology and practical applications of scientific achievements in medicine and biotechnology. The creators and editors of the site are active scientists who embody the concept of "first—hand science". The authors are also scientific people — graduate students and researchers. The mission of the project is to bring education in the field of modern biology, to promote a scientific view of the world and to increase the value of education and knowledge among the Russian—speaking audience. The digest of scientific journals Nature and Science is published weekly, news, reviews of current topics and thoughtful essays are published, the achievements and fates of Nobel laureates and other celebrities in the field of life sciences are told. - the portal will help to open the world of "Geography" with the help of articles, newsletters, maps and other resources that explore landscapes, people, places and the environment of both near and far. There are materials on various topics related to the earth's surface, including landforms, glaciers, rivers, climate, oceans, the interaction of the Earth and the Sun, hazards and much more. - The materials of the site are articles from various books on the "World History" of countries and peoples, contain information about historical events and personalities. - museums, large and small, classical and modern, world-famous and based on communities from more than 40 countries, have provided more than 40,000 images of works in high resolution, ranging from canvas to sculpture and furniture. Some paintings are available in "gigapixel" format, which allows you to zoom in at the brushstroke level to view incredible details. is an online course of the Kazakh language, the first free project created by the Foundation for the Development of the State Language, studying this online course, you will successfully master the Kazakh literary and colloquial speech in a certain period of time. The course will help you to easily speak Kazakh and understand the interlocutor in a variety of communicative situations. You will learn to read, pronounce words correctly and make sentences correctly. With the help of ready-made speech situations, you will be able to compose your own dialogues, monologues, freely express your thoughts both orally and in writing.



In order to promote the development of research skills and global citizenship, to provide the school community with academic and reliable resources, subscriptions to paid Kazakh and international databases were purchased. - portal contains more than 40,000 interactive lessons, as well as virtual laboratories in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and geography. The resources are available in Kazakh, Russian, and English, and help to make learning interesting and effective. - consists of more than 2,000 short educational films and interactive tasks in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology and Earth science, available in Kazakh, Russian, English. Twig films are based on the archives of the world studios BBS, NASA, Associated Press and NHK. The portal's materials explain complex phenomena and concepts in a simple and fascinating way. - the world leader in the field of electronic research and educational publications for school libraries. Known for accurate and authoritative reference content, as well as the intellectual organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, Gale publishes educational resources in various formats, including web portals, digital archives, printed publications and e-books. Gale is:
  • more than 620,000 biographical articles;
  • more than 18,600 reference articles;
  • contextual information on the most relevant topics of science today;
  • millions of full-text articles from worldwide publications;
  • chronicle of great cultures and societies from the ancient world to the present day;
  • about 1,900 full-text editions of e-books;
  • interactive 3D models in applied sciences. contains innovative information content and technologies that increase the productivity of students, scientists, specialists and libraries. ProQuest preserves rich, extensive, and diverse information - be it historical archives or today's scientific discoveries - and combines it with digital technologies that expand the possibilities of its discovery, exchange and management.
  • the largest reference collections of periodical and digital multimedia content;
  • 7 million maps, images, web links and audio/video files;
  • more than 500 scientific journals and popular science journals;
  • 12,939 ebooks to support K-12 teaching, learning and research;
  • collection of scientific books from leading publishers;
  • an intuitive product that supports information literacy training.


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