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In the period of January 27-30, 2014 the meetings with Kazakhstani pedagogical community were held in 14 regions and in Astana and Almaty cities focused on explanation of general provisions of State Compulsory Standard for Primary Education project of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter SCS PE RK). The explanatory group consisted of the representatives from the Ministry of Education of RK (hereinafter (MoE RK), Autonomous Educational Organisation “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools: (hereinafter AEO) and National Academy of Education named after Altynsarin (hereinafter NAE). The Administrators and staff members from both Regional and District Departments of Education, staff members from the branches of Joint-Stock Company “National Centre for Professional Development “Orleu”, methodologists, Primary teachers, Preschool Institution staff, representatives from Regional Universities, colleges and local mass-media representatives took part in discussion of the new SCS PE project.

The participants of the meetings were given a rational for the necessity of a systematic update of secondary education content as well as the peculiarities of State Compulsory Standard for Primary Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan were explained. The new SCS PE has been developed in line with a worldwide trend in development of similar frame documents. Nowadays challenges and innovations in global education practice that require changing paradigm from “education for life” to “life-long education” were taken into account.   

The specific feature of the Standard is in its focuse on a result where the following is defined: 

·                   school education values; 

·                   learning results when graduating from school and expected learning outcomes in educational fields; 

·                   content of education for primary education level; 

·                   assessment of learning outcomes; 

·                   peculiarities of educational process organisation. 

The approach to implementation of new Standard and the structure of subject programmes and course plans by subjects serving as a teacher working guide were presented to the meeting participants in detail. The specific features of subject contents and pedagogical approaches for teaching these subjects were revealed. The following points were explained in details: 

·    Specific features of learning language subjects according to the new subject programmes (integration of the first language and literature, level-based teaching of second and third languages according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, learning languages through four skills of communication); 

·     Changing the status of “World Understanding” subject as a propaedeutic course of humanities in secondary and high school; 

·    the need to introduce as well as specificity of teaching new subjects “Science Primary”, “Information and Communication Technology” and “Arts” integrated subject; 

·     specificities of new criteria-based assessment system; 

·     provisions for step-by-step partial update of secondary education content; 

·     arrangements to prepare teachers to work in accordance with updated secondary education content. 

Pedagogical community of the Republic has demonstrated positive attitude towards update of secondary education content which is planned within new Standard Project focused on expected learning outcome and development of broad-based skills. The participants of the meetings noted the timeliness of introducing “Learner-centered” model of education instead of “knowledge-centered” model.    

Currently, the task group is looking through the questions and suggestions raised during the discussion of the Standard project. This group consists of scientists, methodologists from AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, NAE named after Altynsarin and teachers from comprehensive schools. 

Subsequently, the SCS PE project will be introduced to the representatives of pedagogical universities and colleges, business structures, mass-media, non-governmental organisations and parents. The suggestions and recommendations stated at the meetings will be taken into account in SCS PE follow-up.

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Published: 17 February