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 Cambridge International Examinations consultant and Team-leaders of Kazakhstani certified experts are conducting a workshop at Nazarbayev Intellectual school, Turkestan Str. 2/1, Astana since 5th to 17th June. Center for Pedagogical Measurements under the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” is carrying out the third training workshop for 16 candidate experts conducted by CIE consultant Raymond Eaton and Team-leaders of Kazakhstani certified experts Aliya Makysheva and Yelena Beloshnichenko.

Instructional tutorials such as “Trainer Assessment Model”, “Assessment Handbook” and “Teacher Assessment Policy” edited on the basis of preceding assessment procedures are presented during the Workshop. The procedures of assessment and certification of teachers, trainers and experts will be worked out throughout the Workshop based on photo and video materials, teachers and trainers’ portfolios prepared for assessment during preceding courses on Levels 3 and 2 of the “In service training programme for pedagogic staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan” project. The format of the Workshop is held on “face-to-face” basis in small groups of trainees.

The candidates will obtain CIE certificates which allow them to begin their practice equally with experts of CPM and assess trainers’ practice on leveled courses in the context of the Project. Candidates will be able to obtain CIE expert certificates after assessment procedures of their practice to be held by CIE examiners and Team-leaders of Kazakhstani certified experts.

All 16 candidates are pedagogical employees of schools, gymnasiums, pedagogical universities and institutes, and the National Center for Professional Development “Өрлеу”. They are certified educators and are closely familiar with different international educational programs and institutions.

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Published: 15 June