Seventh projectof NIS in Aktobe received copyright certificate

Today, students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe have received the copyright for the invention of a device for detecting and preventing forest-steppe fires. The authors of the “Fire Finder” project are the tenth graders Aidana Kenzhebaeva and Samal Ali.
05 January

Started the pepublican network subject olympiad of NIS

The official opening ceremony of the republican (network) subject olympiad was producted today in the Intellectual school of Nur-Sultan, in Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of chemical and biological direction of Almaty, physical and mathematical direction of Shymkent.
05 January

NIS representatives participated CIS Global Forum

For the first time the representatives of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools participated in annual CIS Global Forum on International Admission and Guidance. The delegations of more than 800 universities and schools from different countries of the world met in Spanish Bilbao.
03 December

High appraisal from the strategic partner Cambridge Assessment International Education

Annual meetings on the review of the joint projects of the autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev intellectual schools” and the strategic partner Cambridge Assessment International Education took place in Nur-Sultan on 26-27 November 2019.
03 December

Taraz Intellectual School held a creative concert «Uly Dala muragerleri»

In honor of The First President's day, a creative concert "Uly Dala muragerleri" was held at the Intellectual school of Taraz.
30 November