Training for teachers of Intellectual schools



Before the new academic year the Center of Excellence plans to conduct a training of Intellectual schools’ teachers in the following areas:

1. Between 17 and 21 August the course for vice principals on pastoral work will be carried out, during of which the modern approaches to the development and organization of the pastoral work system at schools will be represented.

2. Between 3 and 14 August as well as on the fall vacation the training of 1200 subject-teachers on the programme “The development of students’ functional literacy (Mathematic and Science Literacy)”. The programme is developed by colleagues from Jyväskylä and Helsinki universities (Finland).

3. Between 3 and 29 August all teachers of the Intellectual schools will train on the open online course “Learning to teach remotely” via platform.

The whole August webinars on how to teach within the distant education will be planned.

Methodological recommendations “Trainers’ advice on the distance learning organization” in Kazakh and Russian will be sent to the Intellectual schools.


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Published: 12 August