Methodological online guidance carries on

A Centre of Excellence completed a series of webinars on methodological support for teachers of Intellectual schools. 20 webinars were dedicated to different aspects in organizing effective distance learning. In particular, trainers of COE alongside with teachers considered developing the students` quarterly and weekly training plans, ways of keeping students focused during online lessons were discussed as well. Promoting motivation for students while learning on different online platforms, the use of tools for formative assessment and providing meaningful feedback to students were covered as well. 

During the professional discussion COE trainers analyzed the observed results, which consisted of more than 300 online lessons on 11 subjects. The discussion was held in the 7th – 11th grades of Intellectual schools.
Every webinar had its own structure, group discussions where participants could ask questions, leave feedback and determine the direction of methodological support for future collaboration. Teachers noted that in a few weeks of distance teaching, webinars have become the most collaborative environment for the exchange of experience and ideas.
Participants' Feedback
I think that webinars conducted by trainers during distance learning are very timely for the methodological support of teachers. Each of these topics help us analyze our teaching and learning practices in a new format. There was an opportunity to exchange experience and discuss effective methods of differentiation, forms of work with students.
Sabitova Amina, IS, Nur-Sultan
Everything is clear. A wonderful bonus in the form of the "Pedagogical wheel" model. Current reasoning and conclusions!
Iryna Babich, NIS of Chemistry and Biology, Pavlodar
I enjoyed working in a group. I will adhere to the principles of feedback providing. The entire webinar was useful.
Zanar Karymsakova, NIS of Physics and Math, Aktobe
I learned about the research on feedback in the writings of John Hattie's "Visible learning". Now I know more about ways to provide feedback.
Maral Sikulova, NIS of Physics and Math, Kyzylorda
These topical issues and practical advice from colleagues help in my work. The most valuable information is a unified system. Thank you for your support!
Dyna Burkhanova, NIS of Chemistry and Biology, Atyrau

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Published: 21 May