Functional literacy of online monitoring

The autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” conducted online monitoring within the framework of distance learning to assess the level of functional literacy among learners of Intellectual Schools in three areas: mathematics, reading and science.  

Despite the first use of the distance format, 99% of learners took part in the monitoring.
Specialists of the Centre developed the platform used in this procedure for Pedagogical Measurements, and the items were constructed with the teachers from Nazarbayev Intellectual schools in accordance to modern requirements of testology. The test mainly assessed the skills of analysis, data interpretation, drawing logical conclusions, searching for information in the context of topics related to the daily life of learners, as well as in various contexts.
Learners' responses will be statistically processed to provide detailed reports at the individual and group levels, which will indicate the status of each response, the level of learners’ achievements, the percentage of task completion, etc. Along with the reports, schools will receive guidelines on solving tasks and improving teaching methods for the development of functional literacy.

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Published: 17 April