Gold and silver medals won NIS Taraz students in the republican competition of scientific projects

Students of the Taraz Intellectual school returned from the Republican contest of scientific projects with gold and three silver medals.

The first place and the gold medal of the competition won the project of Bauyrzhan Apil and Yersultan Tursyn in the section "Local History". They submitted a research paper on the topic "Prospects of the Sandyk-Karakystak tourist route". For three years, students under the guidance of a teacher-expert in history Lyubov Isatayeva and a teacher-moderator of geography Zhaksybek Suleymenkulov studied the features of the natural geographical zone, conducted a biological-ecological, psychological-aesthetic and cultural-historical assessment of the tourist resources of Sandyk-Karakystak. As a result, was drawn up a tourist route, where were included historical and natural objects of the Sandyk plateau and the Karakystak area.

Second place and the silver of the contest received Alizhan Sholpanbekov in the section "Physics". The theme of his project is "An autonomous animal monitoring device based on the LoRa modulation method". He presented to the jury the results of a study demonstrating the possibility of using a linear generator to track the location of an animal without access to cellular communication.

– A special feature of the project is that the device is charged from a linear generator and can track the location of the animal with an accuracy of 1 meter without access to the network. In case of removing the collar, an SMS notification is sent to the owner's smartphone, – shared the teacher-moderator of physics Mirlan Dzhusambayev and physics teacher Kambar Tashenov.

Aruzhan Keneshbekova's work on the topic "Production of magnetic powder based on cobalt ferrite (II) from waste products of Zhambyl metalwork plant Imstalkon LLP" was awarded 2 place in the Chemistry section and a silver medal. Aruzhan developed a technological map for the production of magnetic material based on cobalt (II) ferrite. The heads of A. Keneshbekova’ work are the chemistry teacher-moderator Stanislav Kotov and chemistry teacher Gaziza Zhusipnazarova.

Darina Mukhamedzhanova won the 2nd place, defending the project in the section "Biology" on the topic "Innovative use of sorbents to increase plant tolerance under salt stress". Together with her supervisor, teacher-expert Inna Aksenova, Darina researched and tested industrial sorbents in the agricultural sector of the Zhambyl region. According to her, the prospect of using sorbents contributes to the rehabilitation of saline and waste lands in southern Kazakhstan. The use of the results of this study contributes to increasing the productivity of agricultural land.

– The students achieved success as a result of the systematic work of the scientific society of students "STEAM", which has been existing in the school since 2016. This is also a credit to all teachers who develop students ' research and leadership skills, as well as their critical thinking skills. And of course, it is the result of laborious work of students and their leaders, – said the Deputy Director Aliya Zhusanbaeva.

At the final stage of the competition, 590 research projects were presented, with 751 young researchers working on them. The national team of the country, among the winners, will present their works at the annual international competition of scientific projects of schoolchildren ISEF-2020.

The jury included scientists and teachers of leading universities: al-Farabi Kazakh national University, L. N. Gumilev Eurasian national University, Kazakh-British technical University, K. I. Satpayev Kazakh national technical University, International University of information technologies and other universities.

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Published: 18 February