Winners of the republican subject olympiad were awarde

The republican (network) subject olympiad, held in three regions of the country, has become a traditional platform of knowledge that defines true strong skills and knowledge. About 800 intellectuals competed among themselves for two days and showed their knowledge.

The Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan completed the traditional subject olympiad. In two rounds, the best intellectuals competed for the title of the best in subjects history of Kazakhstan, the foundations of law, physics and mathematics. In accordance with the decision of the jury, which evaluated the knowledge of students, 12 students were awarded the 1st place, 23 students the 2nd place, 30 students the 3rd place.

The participant of the olympiad, a student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Nur-Sultan Sanzhar Kuandyk shared his impressions of the olympiad:

- I am glad that I was able to participate in this olympiad, since this is a very important experience in the life of any student. I managed to make new friends from different schools of the country, meet old friends with whom I participated in previous online olympiads. Of course, not all my hopes were realized, I wanted to become the best, but nevertheless, I am pleased with the result. The olympics not only reveals the strongest, but also motivates the student to become better, fosters perseverance and determination in him. That is why the olympics is one of the most important conditions for the development of a pupil, - he said.

Participants of the network subject olympiad of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physical and mathematical direction of Shymkent demonstrated their knowledge of language disciplines. According to the jury, the questions and tasks of the olympiad change every year. Tasks will be aimed at identifying and evaluating the logical abilities of the student. Participants are very prepared, and they all hope for prizes.

A student of the 11th grade of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physical and mathematical direction of Shymkent, a participant of the olympiad Davlat Asanbayev, shared his thoughts about the educational competition:

- I participated in the network olympiad when I was a student of the 9th grade and took first place. This year I will try my hand at Kazakh again. The first day showed the highest result. I completed all the tasks of the second stage and answered all the questions. And the experience I got last year was really good, considering my participation in the competition.

As a result, 14 students took 1st place, 30 students - 2nd place, 37 students - 3rd place and were awarded special diplomas. Students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of chemical and biological direction of Pavlodar, who showed the best results in the number of prizes, took first place in the team standings and won the nomination «Best olympic team – 2020».

At the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of chemical and biological direction of Almaty, participants exchanged knowledge on natural subjects such as computer science, chemistry, biology and geography. A distinctive feature of this network olympiad is that NIS graduates are members of the jury. Pupils also responded positively to this innovation in the commission.

- I am glad that Selimzhan Chalyshkan, our graduate, student at Harvard University, will evaluate us. He knows the olympiad from the inside, we once prepared together, then he was among those who prepared us. I think he will contribute to this process. Also among the jury members is Azamat Armanuly, also a former olympian. In general, this is very good, I think that our graduates are on the jury. This is their favorite thing, they developed the olympic movement, said Beisembayev Kudaibergen, a student of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of physical and mathematical direction of Almaty.

At the closing ceremony of the republican (network) olympiad, the director of AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools» Gulfarida Raisova made a welcoming speech and congratulated the winners:

- You are all winners for us. Many thanks to the students, teachers and parents. The work you have done to this day is endless. Our graduates conquer the world famous University League. It is from here that these victories and achievements are. We believe in you.

According to the jury, in the network olympiad in informatics, geography, biology and chemistry, 12 intellectuals took 1st place, 23 students took 2nd place, 41 students took 3rd place. Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physical and mathematical direction of Almaty was named the «Best team in 2020» by the highest educational results, which included subjects in the field of natural sciences.

«I am glad that I have good results, and I managed to bring the first place to the school’s piggy bank,» - said a 10th grade student of Nazarbayev Intellectual school of chemical and biological direction of Almaty, winner of the Chemistry Olympiad, member of the NIS international team, silver medalist of XXVI TUYMAADA Olympiads Beksultan Akilbekov.

- I have been participating in the network olympiad for the second year and this is always a valuable experience for me. If you compare with the Olympics last year, in many respects its level has grown significantly. And the tasks are complex, they require comprehensive preparation and organization is an order of magnitude higher, which cannot but please us.

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Published: 08 January