Taraz Intellectual School held a creative concert «Uly Dala muragerleri»

 In honor of The First President's day, a creative concert "Uly Dala muragerleri" was held at the Intellectual school of Taraz. 

About a thousand spectators attended the evening at the Palace of culture "Balasagun". Among them were members of the Intellectual school community, partner organizations, representatives of social centers and other guests.

The program began with an exhibition that united creative projects of students.  There were presented: GPS device that determines the position of animals in pastures, spaceships and rockets of various capacities, business project for processing whey powder from milk waste, work on the disclosure of the values of petroglyphs in Zhambyl region, a plan for the development of tourist routes in the region and many other interesting works.

As a result of the courses of additional education, students ' products from felt and wool, textile and sewing workshops, a circle on decorative embossing of wood, as well as works of fine art were presented.

Students performed kuis of Kurmangazy on national instruments, performed a medley from the project «100 Kazakh songs», prepared a theatrical performance «Armanshyldar». The culmination of the event was a choreographic composition «Uly Dala muragerleri».

The results of summer social practices and projects of Intellectual schools were demonstrated during the concert: «Two weeks in the village», «10 days at the enterprise with parents», «Tugan Elge tagzym».

With the upcoming holidays to all friends of Taraz Nazarbayev Intellectual school congratulated  school principal Timur Nurkeshov.










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Published: 30 November