NIS souvenirs popular at the IASL SILENT AUCTION

Representatives of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools successfully presented at the IASL international conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The report of the senior teacher-librarian Olga Salamakhina (Kokshetau) and deputy director for pastoral work Maslikhat Zamirbek (Kostanay) was focusing to NIS libraries as an information and educational space in a modern school. Foreign colleagues were particularly interested in the hands-on activity “Reading Man”, combined with “Favorite First Page” and “Power of Question”.

Traditionally, IASL (International Association of School Libraries) holds the main forum on the most pressing matters of professional activity, this year the theme of the conference was “Convergence, Empowering, Transformation: School Libraries”.

The delegates learned new opportunities of modern school libraries and innovative methods and library activities, and created new links for international partnership. They presented their achievements in various formats: research paper, professional paper, and workshop. In the exhibition hall, librarians were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest news from world publishers and meet with famous authors.
IASL organized a charity event for school libraries in the region. Delegates from all over the world brought the best editions of national children's literature in English, now in the libraries of Dubrovnik you can also find Kazakhstan books. Also during the conference, the traditional Silent auction was held, all of raised funds are going to support school libraries around the world that need help. Handmade souvenirs created by students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools were among most popular items at the auction.

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Published: 18 November