Twenty Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools have received CIS International Accreditation.

The good news has come to Nur Sultan from the CIS headquarters in Netherlands that Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of Petropavlovsk and Kostanay have received accreditation by the Council of International Schools. As a result, all twenty Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools have confirmed high educational standards with recognition of the CIS.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is the most famous establishment in the world, which was created to promote the highest standards and the latest achievements in the field of education. Currently, the prestigious club has flagship schools and educational complexes from many countries. CIS collaborates with the 50 best universities in the world that are interested in the graduates of accredited schools.

Independent CIS experts worked in each Nazarbayev Intellectual School conducting a large-scale analysis in seven main areas: “Mission, Vision and School Values”, “Teaching and Learning”, “Management and Leadership”, “Personnel”, “Accessibility of education”, “School culture”, “Resource provision”.

The largest number of experts came from the USA, Australia, England, Germany, and Russia. All of them highly appreciated the professional development of teachers, the introduction of the best world practices in the educational process, the success of social projects, as well as cooperation with parents and the friendly atmosphere in schools.

Independent experts emphasized the importance of language policy in Intellectual schools. After a visit to Pavlodar, the head of the CIS School Preparation and Assessment Department admitted that the NIS innovative educational program is aimed at making students to become the world leaders in trilingualism. “We are impressed by the fact that the school has created excellent conditions to provide learning in three languages. The policy of multilingualism and support for multicultural development can be clearly seen in the Strategy of Intellectual Schools, the country's future leaders are trained and educated here,” said James Shvets, the chairman of the team of experts, after his visit to Kokshetau.

“I am delighted with the responsive and open students who are ready to help anyone at any time. We highly appreciate the level of organization of the educational process and the classroom equipment,” pointed out the chairman of the commission, Patricia Mertin, after she had visited Taraz school.

Today CIS Executive Director Jane Larsson admits:

“During our first meeting with representatives of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in 2014, we had a lot of questions regarding this project, and how much they will be able to complete the accreditation process in such a short time, since CIS did not have such experience before. Now, looking back, we are proud to announce that the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools project is one of our most successful projects in the field of international education, and they have achieved their goal: 20 Intellectual schools has received international CIS accreditation!”

The new status of the Intellectual Schools means new perspectives for the entire teaching staff and students. The entry of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools system into an elite educational organization of a world level has become a landmark event for the entire national education.

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Published: 16 November