NIS student invented bricks made of plastic

Yermek Kenesov, 10th grade student of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Atyrau, invented a new type of building material – plastic bricks in the process of studying polymer chemistry.

– I found out that according to the UN Committee for nature protection, plastic waste annually causes the death of 1 million birds and about 100 thousand marine mammals, including a huge number of fish. Plastic bags are becoming part of the Great Pacific garbage patch, a swirl of man-made debris in the North Pacific, Yermek said.

The young inventor is sure that one of the solutions to this problem is the recycling of plastic waste. Ermek has come up with plastic bricks, which are created on the basis of small crushed stone, sand and plastic waste. First, he investigated the physical and chemical properties of additive and condensation polymer to create an economical building material, analyzed a large amount of information on this issue. Then he developed a hydraulic apparatus made of hard cardboard for grinding plastic. The concluding step was the process of creating plastic bricks and its verification by physical characteristics. As the test showed, the strength, moisture absorption and frost resistance correspond to the same characteristics of ordinary bricks.

Currently, he is thinking about a full-scale plastic production, built the business plan, which clearly calculated the cost of necessary investment and profit:

“Recycling of plastic waste is one of the best solutions to the problem of an overabundance of plastic products”, Yermek Kenesov is sure




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Published: 16 November