Semey intellectual students created a dombra player -robot

Computer Science teacher Bakytbek Orynbayev and 10th-grade students - Miras Muratkhanov and Nurbol Maktayev from Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey have created a robot that can play the dombra. The students dedicated their work to the 175th anniversary of the poet Abay Kunanbayev.

“Before the start of each academic year, I set myself a goal. Our common idea is to create something new that stimulates the schoolchildren to be creative and awake their interest in the subject. The idea to make the robot playing Kui on the dombra came a long time ago, that we have implemented recently. We have spent about a month on this project. First, we assembled a robot. The parts that are pressed and played on strings were assembled separately”, said Bakytbek Nurlybekuly, a teacher of the Intellectual School and project manager.

According to the designers, previously there were similar robots, but there was only one melody in their repertoire. This new electronic robot freely twangles the strings of the dombra by picking up the chords. At the same time, if he makes a mistake, then the regulator calculates it and independently corrects it.

The robot performs a Kui by notes that are recorded in the computer. The creators can even control the pace of the work. Now the machine can perform Kui of Abay “Torzhorga” and the folk song “Yerkem-ai”. The teacher and students are sure that their musical genius can play any melody in the presence of notes.

It should be noted that before this breakthrough Bakytbek Orynbayev together with a school graduate Adil Ordayev created a robot that could dance “Kara Zhorga”. Today, we were surprised by his new work

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Published: 12 November