The one who has knowledge, he wins everywhere

Students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Kyzylorda have set a new school record. In the competition of proverbs and sayings, young intellectuals were able to tell more than 40 proverbs and sayings on the topic “Knowledge and friendship” in just 60 seconds.

An unusual competition was organised with the purpose of popularising the invaluable heritage of the Kazakh people, as well as improving students’ language skills and the ability to apply great sayings in life as part of the new school project “Proverbs and sayings in everyday life”.

At the morning meetings, the school community “Shanyrak” have decided to find out which of them most knows proverbs and sayings on the themes “Friendship” and “Knowledge”. According to the rules of the competition, in a certain period of time, two participants from each team should have voiced as many phrases as possible, in which contain the wisdom of centuries. As a result of the competition, the students of the shanyrak “Kultegin”, who presented more than 40 proverbs in one minute, proved to be the most intelligent students.

“Proverbs and sayings hide the experience of many generations. Each of them is educational in nature. This new school project helps us learn old sayings and teaches us to use them in our speech,” said one of the contestants Rinat Kerimsal.

It is worth noting that every month, members of the school community study and analyse the meaning and sense of proverbs and sayings on certain topics. Last month, teachers and students mastered proverbs on the topic of “Homeland”, and in October, they replenished their knowledge base with famous phrases about knowledge and friendship.


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Published: 17 October