The Intellectual school in Uralsk launched a solar station

The Intellectual school of physics and mathematics in Uralsk launched a solar station. The solemn event was attended by the First Deputy Governor of West Kazakhstan region Mukhtar Mankeev, Board Chair of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kulyash Shamshidinova, representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Shell Company.

Specialized parking is equipped with solar photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 100 kW/h. The photovoltaic station generates electric power by converting solar radiation by means of photovoltaic modules. It will save up to 20% of the annual energy consumption of the school and direct surplus produced electricity to the urban network, which will significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

The First Deputy Governor of West Kazakhstan region Mukhtar Mankeev said that the project "Solar energy to schools" is a great step in the green economy implementation in the region.

The Board Chair of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Kulyash Shamshidinova noted the importance of the project in STEM-education introduction, upbringing of ecological culture of school students, careful attitude to the nature.

Director of Governmental Relations "Shell Kazakhstan B.V." Zarina Bakenova noted that the project "Solar Energy to Schools" develops the potential of domestic small and medium-sized businesses, improving the capabilities of Kazakhstan companies in the field of renewable energy sources.

Such an event is especially welcomed by physics teacher Umyrgali Bekeshev. He believes that the project in addition to economic importance will give students inspiration for creative ideas in the green economy and ecology.

– Our students already have successes. Recently, the school graduate, a student of Nazarbayev University Aziz Talapov, who developed a system of continuous use of electricity at bus stops through alternative sources, received a patent for his project, –  said Umyrgali Muldashevich.

It should be noted that the project "Solar Energy to Schools" between the Ministry of Energy, Shell Company and the autonomous education organization Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is being implemented for the second year. Solar power from Shell Company received Intellectual schools of Nur-Sultan and Aktau, and in 2020 such stations will appear in Almaty and Atyrau.

After the solemn ceremony, the intellectuals presented to the guests their ideas on the use of green energy, artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Also on this day, the establishment of a collection garden took place where intensive varieties of apple trees will grow.


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Published: 16 October