NIS research experience in the European context

Nazgul Shaimerdenova and Nadezhda Ponomareva from Taldykorgan Intellectual School started their new academic year by presenting at ECER (European Conference on Educational Research). They were bursary winners of the Emerging Researchers’ Group of European Educational Research Association that actively supports promising researchers from different countries of the world. Nazgul's report focused on the system of mentoring and teacher relationships as relevant aspects of teachers’ professional development. Nadezhda Ponamareva presented an ethnographic study on teachers’ attitudes and willingness towards inclusive education practices.

Among other representatives of NIS community at ECER were the following people: Akbota Mamadiyar, the Deputy Director of NIS Kyzylorda, a group of NIS teachers –
Nursultan Zhakupov (Pavlodar), Shynar Sherubayeva, Nurzada Yermaganbetova, Altyn Kelimberdiyeva, Maral Kurmambayeva (Aktau), Inna Axyonova and Inna Bogucharskaya (Taraz), as well as Xeniya Tursunbayeva, NIS Research Department Manager. They shared their experiences and their research in Lesson Study, comparative analysis of NIS Program and CIE A level program, student reading literacy development, project activities and other relevant issues of education. International researchers noted a high level of presentations and topicality of NIS teachers’ research practice.

This year, Hamburg University celebrates its century-long history and has hosted the biggest ECER with about 3,000 educational researchers from all over the world. The topic of the conference was 'Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future'. Having discussed the current issues of education, its trends and development trajectories, the participants emphasized the commonality of global problems and acquired insights on the variety of research methods, topics and directions of further research projects.




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Published: 18 September