Tugan Yelge Tagzym: day one

Today, ‘Tugan yelge taғgym’, one of the most large-scale projects started in the Intellectual Schools.

240 best students from in the 2018-2019 school year, the shanyraks went on an expedition to their native country. Friends from all 20 schools of the NIS network visited 10 cities.

By tradition, all members of the expedition solemnly met at the station. In the city of Atyrau, the delegation of the Petropavlovsk Intellectual School was personally greeted by the Akim of Atyrau region, Nurlan Nogayev.

- I am sure the expedition will be interesting for you, because we have many historical sights and beautiful places. I want to wish you success in studying. Welcome to Atyrau! - Nurlan Nogayev addressed to young researchers.

The ‘Tugan yelge taғgym’program includes acquaintance with unique historical, industrial, architectural, archaeological, cultural sights of the country and meetings with famous representatives of each region.


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Published: 17 June