Friendship Bridge: NIS - Netherlands – Germany

Friends from Germany and the Netherlands came to Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Pavlodar.

The European delegation consists of twenty students and three teachers. They arrived in Kazakhstan as part of the project “Partnership Schools”, which is aimed at establishing intercultural communications, developing global thinking and tolerance. 

They are all first time in our country, and studied at the Intellectual School for two weeks. Foreign guests had an opportunity to visit the main sightseeing of Pavlodar city - the Mashhur Zhussup Mosque, the House of Friendship, the Regional Museum of Local History, which is named by Potanin, Regional Scientific Library is named by S. Toraigyrov. Also, one day trip was organized to the capital, where guests visited the Khazret Sultan mosque, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Nazarbayev Center, and Baiterek monument.

- We came from the Goethe Wetzlar Schule and were amazed at the hospitality of the Kazakh people. The diversity of cultures is remarkable as well as their successful cooperation in Kazakhstan, which is also reflected in school life. Classes at the school are very interesting, various methods of teaching are used, the optimal environment for the educational process is created. The students are very motivated and confident that the school opens the door to a bright future for them, Helena Kremer says, head of the group of the German delegation.

The partnership with the Goethe-Gymnasium began in November 2018, when students of the Pavlodar NIS became winners of the Goethe-Institut's “Dreams of Germany” competition. Then they won a two-week trip to Germany. Representatives of the Intellectual School lived in German families and plunged into the cultural life of the country, visited the cities of Bonn, Marburg, Wetzlar, Hesse. Now the Intellectual School is meeting its German friends.

Students of the Dutch school Wolfert Tweetalig is developing research projects together with their peers from NIS for future exchange programs. Guests from the Netherlands live in a school dormitory, so they take an active part in many events. On the “Day of Spring Birthdays”, which was held in the national style, foreign schoolchildren first danced Kara Zhorga and played the Kazakh folk games “Arcan Tartu” and “Tenge Alu”.  Also, they tried to make paintings using the “wool painting” technique and prepared baursaks during a culinary master class.

“The beauty of your school is amazing. We are impressed by the high level of foreign language skills of students. Students discovered the culture of our countries,” Julia Hamilton said, the teacher of a group from the Netherlands.

Next year, the representatives of Wolfert Tweetalig intend to arrive at a large delegation of 20 people.


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Published: 16 April