The professional development of the teachers changes according the time

 Our nation says «teacher – the maker of the next day». Because the teacher has a great influence on the children’s understanding of the world. In this occasion The President N.A.Nazarbayev says «A modern teacher knows not just his teaching subject, but also good at history, pedagogy, psychology, politics, economics and also informational technologies. He should have all the modern knowledge, like the art, be very involved in the educational and pastoral work process and perfectly knows all the new technologies in education and can easily use it».

Year to year our country provides more support to the teachers that works with our children and improves their work conditions.
In this occasion, 1 892 teachers of 30 pilot schools in the period from june to November 2015 will take professional development courses on the renewal education content of education the basis of Centre of Pedagogical Excellence in Astana city. The following courses will be continued. Teachers gained new knowledge and we hope for heads of schools, deputy heads of schools and those teachers that took the course, for their productive work in the future. 
From 8th of June to 3rd of July 2015 teachers of primary school and school leaders took the course. It includes 395 pedagogical workers on ICT, Project work, music and art subjects in the framework of renewed content of education. They took the course with desire and inspiration. During the course teachers became familiar with interactive teaching technologies, modern teaching approaches and the new way of thinking. Also they understood how to explain study materials from different perspectives, developed their creative thinking and how to use it during their work. 
Modern  society and the rhythm it lives in requires always to be informed up to date. The changes in educational system plays enormous role. In this occasion the main aim for the teacher, school, society and parents – to form competitive generation for the future. 

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Published: 07 July