EXPERIENCE TRANSLATION: "physical culture" teachers recommend renewed content of programs for all for development

April 2 this year in Astana a training seminar on renewed content of education is finished, which was attended by 47 teachers of physical education of primary school of pilot schools in the country, as well as the staff of the Experience Translation Department and the Center of educational programs, teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Shymkent and Ust-Kamenogorsk.
The seminar discussed the main issues of concern of all teachers and parents of the country: how do we teach children, what skills they will get in physical education, how to motivate students to understand and enhance their physical and psychological health, what will form positive attitude about physical education of students in the as a part of human culture.
During the discussions of the main aspects of the program content teachers noted the special importance of the subject, from the point of view of the physiology of the younger generation, the acquisition of healthy habits, proper organization of physical education in primary school age.
Also, they noted orientation of the object on the development of teamwork skills, ability to work, the development of critical thinking skills.
As planned, during the seminar teachers were introduced to the curriculum and the study plans of "physical education" subject, were the participants of master classes, workshops, received feedback from colleagues, also it was a first time when they became a members of the new system of assessment process.
Teachers of pilot schools have noted that understanding the criteria based assessment system is very available, and they discussed success criterias of the subject, and were given recommendations to achieve the objectives of the lesson.
Summing up the seminar, the participants indicated that they liked the unusual activities – activities that their colleagues use, ready medium-term plans for teachers in the classroom, using interdisciplinary connections, collaborating with colleagues, using the knowledge gained in everyday life.
Teachers expressed their gratitude for the informative seminar and wished the teachers of subjects in primary school to participate in such training seminars too.
The workshop organizers wish to 'physical education' teachers success in their very right work!

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Published: 03 April