Seminar "Transforming educational environment in the frame of renewal content of education content" in Kyzylorda city.

Republican seminar "Transforming educational environment in terms of updating the content” was held in 18-19th of March, 2015, with the support of Kyzylorda regional akimat in Kyzylorda. This seminar was attended by akim of Kyzylorda region Kusherbayev Krymbek Eleuovich, Chairman of the Board of Education of the Autonomous Organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Shamshidinova Kulyash Nogataevna, adviser of the director of the branch of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" "Center of pedagogical skill," public figure Berkimbaeva Shamsha Kopbaevna, lecturer at the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University Elaine Wilson, as well as outstanding representatives of the educational system of Great Britain, South Africa and Kazakhstan. During this seminar there were several topics, which were discussed such as the use of best practices of the education, professional development of teaching staff, updating  the content of secondary education, teacher training in XXI century, the experience of teaching in the Intellectual schools.

The main objective of the seminar – is the creation of a local network of innovative schools in Kyzyl-Orda region, broadcast experience of the autonomous educational organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools".
            Akim of Kyzylorda region Kusherbayev Krymbek Eleuovich mentioned in his speech "According to the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, since 2008 a project of creating a network of Intellectual schools has been launched. For innovative education programs and research projects, development of academic freedom, in 2011 the acts on the status of "Nazarbayev University" ”Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools "and" Nazarbayev Fund "Republic of Kazakhstan were implemented. Under these acts, "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" is an autonomous organization of education, today it includes a network of 17 schools, and is a forerunner in secondary education.
            Currently, an autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" has its methodological foundation and recognized basis to update the content of secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is necessary to mention the name of the Chairman of the Autonomous educational organization "Nazarbayev intellectually school" Shamshidinova Kuliash Nogataevna,  for her achievements in the development of this project. On behalf of President Nursultan Nazarbayev work has begun on broadcast experience "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools".
            Along with this, Kyzylorda region, in order to fulfill the President's instructions, is going to take up a network of local innovative schools. 2 schools of the districts and 6 schools in the city were selected for this project, they will develop as a platform of integrating the experience of "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools".
            Teachers of these selected schools will attend training courses and will have to enhance their knowledge in order to improve their work. Also, the school entered into this project must be equipped in accordance with the "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools".
            "In a short time the schools must master implemetned techniques and experience, and then they have to become an example of the latest achievements in the field of education at the regional scale," - said the head of the field.
            Akim of the region Kusherbayev KE answered several questions: Firstly, schools should provide high quality education, that would be used in the modern world. It is necessary to reduce the gap between students with good and poor performance. Secondly, the main goal of the school is not only to transfer the knowledge, but also the raise a competitive person. Thirdly, it is necessary to pay great attention to the training of teachers and to provide conditions for their creative work. Fourth, the school must be notified about events taking place in our country and around the world, "- said Akim of the region.
CEO of autonomous educational organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Shamshidinova Kuliash Nogataevna in her report "Modern Trends in the preparation and content of education" says: "In general, there are several factors which influence education policy around the world. The first factor: globalization and integration, a world without borders; Second, the complexity and diversity of social structure; Third, human capital formation, which is able to find a place in the labor market of the 21st century, and the ability to compete. The educational system of our country aims to integrate into the world educational space. Kazakhstan needs to join the main international agreements in the field of higher education, including Lisbonese "The agreement on the recognition of higher education qualifications" (1997), the Bologna Declaration (1999). Therefore, the results of education corresponding to European qualification of 4th level should allow entry to the Bachelor in universities of our country and the rest of the world. To fulfill these requirements content of secondary education should be reviewed. First, we determine the value generated by the child on the basis of national idea "Mangilik el." Second, we determine the expected results. Only after formation of the content, i.e. the objects are determined. Also the evaluation system were discussed.
            Elementary school should emphasize basic knowledge, the first study research skills, the prerequisites for scientific knowledge of the environment, learn self-learning, forms skills for cooperation and exchange of views.
            During primary school, basic training has been switched to certain initial vocational direction.
            In high school, vocational direction deepens and prepares to study at higher education institutions and clarification of the future path in life. “The development of creative thinking, learning three languages, as well as socialization on three levels are reviewed, "- said Chairman of the Board.
In conclusion, "I believe that " Nazarbayev Intelectual school" will continue further cooperation with teachers of Kyzylorda region. From our side we offer three projects:
1. Our school in Kyzylorda is looking for a rural school. We are ready to provide teachers of this school  a methodical assistance.
2. Branch of the Pedagogical center of excellence in Kyzylorda will arrange  workshops  for teachers in order to provide methodological assistance.
3. We can arrange training at the School of Intellectual students pedagogical faculty Kyzylorda State University Korkyt ata "- said Kuliash Nogataevna.
As a result of the seminar between the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev Intelectual school" and Akimat of Kyzylorda region a memorandum of cooperation for 2015-2017 years was signed.

The speech of akim of Kyzylorda region Kusherbayev Krymbek Eleuovich at the seminar " Transforming educational environment in the frame of updating the content"

Chairman of the Board of Autonomous Educational Organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" Shamshidinova Kulyash Nogataevna's speech at the seminar " Transforming educational environment in the frame of updating the content"

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