Feedback on the lecture delivered by the President in Nazarbayev University


During the interactive lecture at the Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev said the 21st century economy is based on knowledge and science.


"Addressing the youth, students and schoolchildren of Kazakhstan today, I would like to say that you will live here and bring up your own children on this land. This is our home, our motherland. Kazakhstan takes care of each and everyone of you. We are trying to build the new economy which in the 21st century is based on knowledge and science.


This is the only way we can develop, preserve the pace of growth of our economy and improve our lives every single year," N. Nazarbayev said. The Head of State specifically noted that all Kazakhstan's achievements were based on the nation's unity, diligence and tolerance.


For further details please visit the following link Responses to the lecture of the President


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Published: 07 September