«NIS Center for Information Technologies» Private Entity

«NIS Center for Information Technologies» private entity

«Educational Resource Center» private entity, now – NIS Center for Information Technologies was defined as unified operator for information technologies in AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual schools» by the Decision of the Board of Trustees dated April 11, 2013. Nowadays, the Center is an organization that provides AEO, its branches and subsidiaries with a wide range of IT services in accordance with modern world trends. At the same time, before corporate restructuring that took place in February 2018, the Center had been engaged in the development of textbooks, teaching materials and digital educational resources.

The activity areas of the Center are:

- Automation of AEO business processes using advanced technologies, including the dissemination of the experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools into the system of secondary education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- Continuous development and maintenance of the information space of AEO.An additional activity area of the Center is the development and support of projects implemented in Intellectual schools using information technologies.

Address: Hussein ben Talal str., 21/1, Astana

Tel.: +7 (7172) 235770

Е-mail: info@c.nis.edu.kz

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Published: 10 October