Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

By Decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from May 24, 2011 the conceptual approaches, providing transformation of in-service training system of the country according to dissemination of the best national and international experience, were approved. As a result, in June 15, 2011 in structure of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” (further - AEO) Center of Excellence (further - CoE) with 15 branches, functioning in all regions of the country was established. 

Mission of the Center of Excellence 

To ensure the high quality of professional development of teachers by integrating the best national and international practices, contributing to the improvement of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Main areas of activity of the Center of Excellence 

· Development of in-service training programmes and teaching materials 

· Trainers’ learning in implementing in-service training programmes 

· Training of teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

· Methodical support of course participants in post-course period 

· Partnership with international organisations of education aimed at experience exchange, developing international relations and business cooperation 

· Conducting monitoring studies 

· Establishment of teacher professional network 

· Publishing 

Achievements of the Center of Excellence  

2015 – Center of Excellence became an official member of the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) 

WALS (The World Association of Lesson Studies) ( aims to promote and advance the research and practices focused on Lesson Studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Trainers of the CoE within the membership in WALS take part in international studies jointly with the leading researchers and experts of Japan and Germany as well as present Kazakhstani experience in international conferences, carry out the “Lesson Study Kazakhstan” projects in schools. 

2016 – Editions of the Center of Excellence were honored of Golden Medal of the participant at Moscow International Book Exhibition (VDNH, Moscow, Russia) 

2017 - Editions of the Center of Excellence were honored of Golden Medal of the participant at Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt-am-Maine, Germany) 

2019 International Certification of Educational Programmes 

For the first time in the system of professional development of teachers in Kazakhstan, in-service training programmes of CoE got through external evaluation and received a confirmation of the unconditional international certification (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute – ACQUIN (Germany)). 

International experts mentioned that “…the content and organisation of the Programmes of CoE are unique not only for Kazakhstan but the whole Central Asia, and training of teachers and head staff under these Programmes contributes to the changes in school and the entire education system”. 

International recognition of the in-service training programmes, belonging to the intellectual property of the AEO and high professionalism of trainers allowed CoE to export educational services at the international level. 

In a joint project between AEO and European Union “Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan”, training of teachers and head staff of schools and colleges in Ashkhabad are conducted. Also, CoE conducts training of Russian Federation teachers (Tolyatti, Barnaul, Khanty-Mansiysk). Negotiations are under way with Uzbekistan and Belarus on providing educational services.

            CoE and its branches conduct in-service training courses on the following directions: 

·           From 2012 - forward-looking training of teachers on methodology and technology of teaching and training; 

·           From 2014 – training of school head staff on basis of strategic leadership and effective management; 

·           From 2015 – training of teachers of primary, middle and high schools on implementing updated content of education; 

·           From 2016 – capacity building of each school through training pool of school trainers and school coordinators; 

·           From 2019 – implementing updated content of preschool education. 

CoE also conducts training of heads of Departments of Education, regional/urban and oblast Methodical Cabinets, staff of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Academy named after Y. Altynsarin. 

According to the Order of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Nazarbayev N.A., translation of the experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools to the system of education of the republic is implementing. 

            Continued and systematic work of CoE trainers with teachers allowed to create effective model of methodical support both regional/urban and school level. 

Network of Leading Schools was created on the basis of the best comprehensive schools in every region/city, that is the space of translation of the experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (today it covers 765 schools (i.e. every 10 schools)). Leading School interacts with 8-10 other attached schools that allowed to organise experience sharing, timely support and professional development of colleagues regarding their needs and requests. 

With the aim of approaching the system of professional development to the schools, CoE prepared 32 341 school trainers and coordinators on 4 directions: on implementing criteria-based assessment, on methodology and technology of teaching, on conducting research, on developing tasks for assessment. Teachers of Leading Schools organise consulting of colleagues, students, parents on teaching and learning, conduct in-school courses on professional development, using CoE programmes, and training activities. 

Digital resources 

·         Educational Portal is aimed at implementing methodical and consultancy assistance to the pedagogic staff. 

·         Electronic Database is aimed at accounting and control of in-service training course participants. 

·         E- Resources Collection is aimed at sharing experience of teachers, trained at in-service training courses, teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of Humanitarian, Mathematical and Science disciplines. 

·         Distance-learning Portal is aimed at conducting online in-service training courses for teachers and principals of educational organisations. 

· is aimed at providing  opportunities for Kazakhstani teachers to share their experience in conducting Lesson Study, gain access to methodological resources, up-to-date information, and consequently, to advance and develop teachers’ research and effective teaching practice. 

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