About Us

About us


To enhance the intellectual capacity of Kazakhstan through the development and implementation of an innovative, Mathematics and science-orientated, trilingual, model of school system that integrates the best of Kazakhstani traditions, and that meets international standards of best practice.

Strategic aim
Establish and introduce innovative educational model, which integrates the best Kazakhstani and international practices.

Strategic tasks

• implementation of modern management systems in the Autonomous Educational Organisation “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” (hereinafter – AEO);
• creating curricula and learning resources for primary, secondary and high schools;
• creating learning environment that helps students to become functionally literate lifelong learners who are polylingual, patriotic, responsible citizens, creative and critical thinkers with a healthy lifestyle and able to enter prestigious national and international universities;
• developing a transparent system for quality assurance;
• supporting the professional development of teachers and other educators;
• searching for and competitive selection of children, who are capable in learning Mathematics and natural sciences;
• supporting informed engagement of parents, non-government organisations, local authorities, and other AEO stakeholders;
• expanding a network of Intellectual Schools;
• sharing the Intellectual Schools experience into secondary education system of Kazakhstan;
• development of co-operation with internationally recognised organisations of education and science.

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Published: 16 April