Музыка ветра. Эссе Диляры Увашевой


Uvasheva Dilyara
Grade: 9 “C”
Nazarbayev Intellectual School of
physics and mathematics in Semey city

Discover Kazakhstan Essay Competition Grand Prix Winner

                                           To the sound of the wind.


It is quiet. There is a gentle wind which is caressing my motherland. My hair is streaming in the wind. The wind blows refreshingly. It blows the morning freshness. The melody of the wind is wafted to my ears while I am standing moveless.  Still and reassuring sounds create an inner harmony. When I breathe a fresh air and see how the wind is swaying the bushes of the feather grass, I feel like I am standing in the middle of the ocean surrounded by waves.  I feel a bitter smell of wormwood, the smell of my native country. Inadvertently, I close my eyes and feel like I am in the Paradise.  Exactly at this moment I think: “There is no place like this!” My heart is being filled with love and warm feelings are seizing me. It is an indescribable beauty, which makes me surprised.   ----

There is always something wonderful, miraculous and even magic in this world. In my opinion, it is a motherland. I open my eyes and warm rays, as if they are golden threads from sun, blind me. When I glanced back, I saw a horizon. There are many fast horses, which are running along the horizon. They are free and majestic. I have been watching these fast and precious creatures of Kazakh steppe for a long time with admiration. Time is passing. I have lost track of time, but I can’t compare passed time with everything I saw today. I’m going along the beaten path. My heart is trembling. Throwing back my head I’m looking at the sky. It attracts all eyes and reminding me of fathomless sea. An eagle appeared and circled in the sky, moving its strong wings.

The freedom-loving bird is represented on our national flag not without reason. It has been 20 years passed as we live in peace and harmony. We have confidence in the future. Our solidary and firm Kazakhstan gained a lot of important achievements nowadays. That’s why this versatile and wonderful country is precious for all of us. Since olden times Kazakhstan people are patriots. Kazakh people are hospitable, always ready to help, with open and easy going character. I’m really proud of such features of my nation. I think that is the most valuable in human nature. Kindness and love to everything surrounded you is invaluable.

I’m very proud of people who were born on our land and who brought fame to our country. They are: AbayKunanbayev, IbrayAltynsarin, ShakarimKudayberdiev. The only thing we can do is to admire of greatness of their thoughts. There are also many interesting customs of Kazakh people. During centuries Kazakh people tried to keep their customs, which were passed from one generation to another one. These customs were successfully preserved till nowadays. For example, aitys is a contest of improvisation and resourcefulness. Versatile and acute thoughts were formed in verse to a sound of dombra.  It is extremely interesting to listen to aitys and to admire such eloquent people. When I am listening to the melodious mother tongue, it seems like I am sinking into the past of my nation. I feel that patriotic sentiment is growing inside of me with every minute spend on my motherland.

Thoughts fill my mind about my native land, my Kazakhstan. I am happy to stand right here, on my land, feeling sense of steppe, watching all the beauty of our nature. I am standing and listening to every sound of a wind. My lungs are filling with light sense of my native land. Unexpectedly, someone called me. It is time to leave. There is something heavy in my heart and an ache is burning me inside. Only I know what I felt during these hours, which passed so quickly. But they put unforgettable memories in my soul. 


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