UNESCO handed Intellectual schools rewarding WENHUI 2019

Intellectual schools were awarded a special prize at the International Scientific and Practical Conference. Lina Benete, Head of the education department of the UNESCO Cluster Office of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan in Almaty, presented the prestigious Wenhui Award 2019 prize Kulyash Shamshidinova, Chairman of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools at the plenary session.
26 October

Victoria Shimanskaya: "Emotionally gifted education is unforgettable"

"The development of emotional intelligence in school teachers". Doctor of Psychology, creator of the modern Russian model of emotional intelligence, Victoria Shimanskaya devoted a master class to this topic at an international conference. The speaker shared ways of regulating the students' inner mood and how to give them the right direction.
25 October

New direction of work have been defined

The relationship between teacher and student in education is crucial. Emeritus professor of Educational Sciences at Utrecht University Theo Wubbels was covered this topic by the workshop. The Dutch scientist was able to convey deeply detailed information to his listeners.
25 October

Teacher formation that changes the world

"Teacher formation that changes the world", the international conference opened with a special project "Teachers changing the world of school".
24 October

Сonference press center opened

Today the press center of the XI international scientific-practical conference "Teachers changing the world of school" of the autonomous educational organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" has opened.
23 October