Sergey Polyanskih is the first master teacher in the history of NIS

For the first time in history of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools the highest level of professional skill was given.

The hero of the day is Sergey Polyanskih, the Mathematics teacher from Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty. He is the only teacher in the NIS system to date who has been assigned the highest level ‘teacher-master’.

Sergey Polyanskih is one of the most authoritative Mathematics teachers in the country and leaders of the olympiad movement. Permanent victories of students in the international and republican competitions confirm the high professional level of the teacher.

A graduate of the prestigious Kazakh-British Technical University came to NIS in 2010 and worked at the Taldykorgan school from the very opening: a teacher of mathematics, robotics, nanotechnology, mathematical academy and mathematical programming. Since September last year he has been teaching at the Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty. Over the years, Sergey Polyanskih created an electronic testing system, was trained at the University of Cambridge, and is currently working on the author's programme Mathematical Academy. 7th grade.

With Sergey Polyansky, the formation of a new group of leaders among NIS began with teachers officially recognized as masters in their profession.



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Published: 05 June