Grand Prix at Planet of the World – for ‘Priceless Honey of Zhetysu’

The young researcher from Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Taldykorgan city won the Grand Prix at the international competition of scientific projects ‘Kazakhstan kullі turkі halyktarynyn kasietti ‘Kara shanyragy’.

The competition of the best research works and creative projects took place in the city of Taldykorgan. The competition was organized by the international Kazakh creative association World Planet. The pupil of  4th grade Ranona Zhalelyzyzy presented the project ‘Priceless Honey of Zhetysu’. She studied the beneficial qualities of honey, its benefits for humans, the composition and main types.

- Every year my mother and I go to the apiary for honey. I was wondering what kinds of honey are there. Which of them are gathering in Zhetysu? It was hard work, but in the same time very interesting. We have traveled to many parts of the Semirechensk region, says Ranona.

The author of the project visited the apiary of the Almaty region. She visited the Lepsinsk Onimi plant in the Alakol district. She met with doctors and learned about the use of honey, its positive and negative qualities in terms of medicine.

In Zhetysu region are collected three types of honey: sunflower, buckwheat, grass.

According to the results of the international competition of scientific projects, the work of the pupil of 4th grade Ranona Zhalelyzyzy was awarded the Grand Prix. Also, the research project ‘Priceless Honey of Zhetysu’ was included in the book of the best scientific projects ‘Kazakhstan kullі turkі halyktarynyn kasietti ‘Kara shanyragy’.


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Published: 16 May