Аuthor's right for GloveSpeaker

Nurdaulet Taumergenov and Karen Dolmagambetov from Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe have obtained copyright to their invention for mute people GloveSpeaker.

The principle of the glove is quite simple - with the help of various kinds of sensors the device reads what the user shows in sign language. The glove connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. After that all information is transmitted to the application in the phone and voiced. Thanks to one glove, you can get 32 ​​phrases, and when using both, the number of phrases increases to 1024.

– At the very beginning, we were driven by the idea of creating something truly useful for society. We came to the conclusion that despite the development of information technology, the problem of mute people is still not solved. At the suggestion of our school’s biology teacher, Lyudmila Trubnikova, we decided to make more profound in the chosen direction, – Karen Dolmagambetov noted.

Nowadays GloveSpeaker is one of the most famous and titled projects of NIS students. The social orientation of the unique creation, which significantly facilitates the life of mute people, has not left indifferent the scientific community. So, last year's victory of Nurdaulet Taumergenov with this project at Yakutia International Science games 2018 was one of the main sensations and news number 1 in the media.

– We started this project a year ago. The most difficult thing in the manufacturing process was to make the glove really working. Now, after obtaining the copyright, we plan to obtain a patent for the project in order to begin mass production of the glove. We also plan to give several gloves to the Aktobe regional correctional school for children with hearing impairment, – Nurdaulet admitted.

The other day Tengrinews portal included Nurdaulet Taumergenov along with Alikhan Shakiman from NIS Kyzylorda in the rating “5 schoolchildren who seek to make the world better with the help of science”, where young inventors from different countries were represented.


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Published: 14 February