The Sievers apples visited Paris

Students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Taldykorgan won 2nd place in the International French competition of scientific projects "The Big Progress".

The 11th grade students Madina Alikanova and Ayana Tastanbekova presented a project on Biology called “Comparative study of the anatomical structure of the annual shoots of the Sievers apples and home grade Aport varieties” in front of the juries from Paris.

The Sievers Apples are wild fruit species of foothill apple trees. It is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan and is considered to be the ancestor of more than five thousand cultivated varieties of apple trees, including aport. According to young scientists, these two species are very close to each other not only by the genetic structure, but also by the anatomical structure.

During a year students worked under the guidance of Aleftina Bakhtaulova, the candidate of Biological Sciences, associate professor, Director of the Center for Science and Strategic Development at Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov in Taldykorgan. The team conducted a number of studies: they traveled to the reserves of the Dzungarian Alatau, including the Sarkand nursery where samples of the annual shoot were taken. Afterwards, genetic studies of DNA, microclonal reproduction and green grafting were carried out on the basis of the University. 

According to authors of the project “The foothills of Almaty is the motherland of unique wild apple trees, such as the Sievers apple tree. Naturally, they have a special role to become progenitors of a handsome aport. In the nearest future, we will begin to explore the unique variety of Nedzvetsk, which, like the Sievers apple tree, is endemic to Kazakhstan”.

Yesterday Madina Alikanova and Ayana Tastanbekova came back from the solemn award ceremony in Nice by the organizers of the international competition "The Big Progress".




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Published: 12 February