Under the 10th anniversary flags

There is an active preparation for the first big anniversary of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools under flags of the decade.

For the first time the official logo of the decade was presented at the Nauryz meetings "City of the Future: Architecture of the Capital" in Astana. It was on the building of the International school, flags, banners, and handouts. The 3D printer was making the anniversary emblems of different colors. All the scientific meetings participants were given hoodies with the decade symbol.

The souvenirs with the anniversary logo were presented to Bottisham Village College, CAIE, CUP and faculty of education of Cambridge university during the Days of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools In Cambridge.

Under flags of the 10th anniversary, for the first time, there will be a big action for rural schools "Koldayik aul mektebyn!" – "Support the rural school!".

Today the buildings of all Intellectual schools are decorated with festive banners and flags. They were specially prepared by the designers of the Center for Educational Programs.

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Published: 18 May