International games for young diplomats

Students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kokshetau were awarded medals at the II International Diplomatic Games in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The games were organized by Chelyabinsk State University with the assistance of the Public Diplomacy Support Fund named after A.M. Gorchakov.

Kambar Orazbekov, Yernar Amenov, Tolegen Borashev, Daria Vlasenko, Anel Kaliyeva, Aruzhan Muratbekova and Aida Tishtenova began to prepare for participation in the games about two months ago. The topic they were given was: "SCO expansion: problems and prospects". The students wrote a collective essay for the qualifying round. In this essay they explored an incredible amount of information about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – they read all kinds of SCO documents, analytical articles in both Kazakh and English, watched movies and reviewed reports. Their preparation was complicated by the fact that the seven students who participated in the competition study in five different classes, and it was not always easy for them to gather together.

In five rounds of the contest our students had to advocate and take the part of India as one of the member countries of the organization. The children had to study not only the structure and activities of the SCO, but also the political, economic and cultural life of the country which they were representing. The presentation of the country and the last tour of competition "Appeal to the world community" required a creative approach; three other final tests were the intellectual ones. Our students answered questions, prepared diplomatic documents, presented a video about India they had created and performed bright concert numbers. In each performance, the students tried to "draw a portrait" of modern India, which is becoming not only a highly populated country with lots of social problems, but also a country of high technology, outstanding science and a fast developing economy. Our students completed all that assignments brilliantly, and won an honorable third place.

The coach of our team, History teacher of Intellectual School in Kokshetau, Gulsara Zikirina, believes that participation in such a competition gave the students an absolutely invaluable and highly memorable experience.


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Published: 14 February